The Uncatchables

Our Team

The Uncatchables are one of the oldest teams in the league (and that’s mainly because Jon takes up the average!). 

Softball is a sport which is reasonably easy to pick up, after you’ve got used to wearing a big leather glove on the wrong hand, as it has many similarities to rounders. However, there are a few quirky rules which your team mates will be happy to remind you of by shouting loudly at you if you run when you shouldn’t run and don’t run when you should, etc. But don’t worry we don’t take it too seriously! 

The Uncatchables

But it is off the field where we really come alive! Regular Fancy Dress winners, League Pub Quiz Champions and End of Season Fancy Dress winners. We like to have a good night out!! 

It’s fair to say we enjoy a social occasion or two …..and dressing up! 

About Us

We’re a team that plays the game with a smile on our faces and embrace the true spirit of CSL (and there are certainly enough comedy moments involved in CSL softball to ensure that!). 
Whether on or off the field, our aim is to have as much fun as possible – catch us if you can! 

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Our Team

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