Welcome to Clifton Softball League

Welcome to the Clifton Softball League, Bristol’s most informal and friendly softball league. Every Wednesday from 6.30pm, in the summer, we can be found near The Water Tower on Durdham Downs.


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Upcoming Events

Booze Cruise:

June 28 @ 7pm


Weekend of August 3rd 4th

Captains vs Vice-Captains Fun Charity Day:

Saturday August 10 @ 11am


About Clifton Softball League

Since starting in the early 1990s Clifton Softball League has developed into 12 mixed sex teams with players of all abilities from a variety of backgrounds.

We use gloves, regulation bats and balls, but don’t have marked pitches or umpires in blue uniforms and caps. For us softball is about relaxing after work and hitting things yet being competitive in a fun sense. It’s a great way for sport and social lives to mix with around 250 players spread across the teams.

Softball invariably leads us to the Kings Arms for food and drinks. It’s not just a rule it’s the law! We also organise a number of major socials through the season, the annual fancy dress party being an absolutely spectacular must.

We have very limited space for new teams but individual players can be slotted in fairly easily. You can be taught the basics before the start of the season as we do our best to help everyone enjoy themselves.

Want to Join Clifton Softball League?

To find out more about the game or join a team, e-mail Smiffy and he will contact you:

Also join our Facebook group and give us a shout out there! Someone will get in touch!