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All the key information that you’ll need about Clifton Softball League. Here you’ll find fixtures, league results and our pitch map.

To find out who your team is playing this week click on the week and from there you’ll see your opposition and your pitch number.

Make sure you check out the pitch map to see where to meet!


Fixtures – 2022

Pitch Map – 2022

Note – We will try and only use Pitch 1 – 5. If you find that other members of the public are already using your pitch, see if they’ll move or move to pitch 6, 7, 8 or 9. This is to be agreed by the captains and sent on to the captain’s WhatsApp group. Do NOT move on to another pitch that has a game scheduled for a team already (Pitch 1-5).

League Table – 2022

League Table 2022

12 Many Tonys990025613312327
2Sons of Pitches98012081416724
3Schrödingers Bat97021891424721
4Beer Pitchers95041641164815
6The Ringers9306166193-279
9Los Banditos9207112221-1096
10Bohemian Mavericks9108120207-873

League Table – 2021

League Table 2021

12 Many Tonys7601179918818
2Beer Pitchers75111381221616
3Bohemian Mavericks7403149163-1412
5The Ringers730412612069
7Smack My Unit7115104169-654

League Table – 2019

League Table

1Beer Pitchers110025911614333
2Sons of Pitches100125514511030
3The Unit8032541738124
5Los Banditos5061991663315
62 Many Tonys506214224-1015
7Bohemian Mavericks506191205-1415
8The Ringers407204219-1512
11Smack My Pitch Up001182294-2120

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