Bohemian Mavericks

Our Team

After our best season yet in 2018 we’re coming back bigger and stronger with our eyes on the main prize. 

Bohemian Mavericks

A group of friends of friends, gum tree randoms, passers by who thought the practice looked cool, friends of friends of friends partners sister’s cousins best friend, family and my ex boss! 

About Us

The name? Well it was either Misfits or Bohemian Mavericks – the latter seemed to embody the spirit of the team more! 

Bohemian – Somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, living by the ideals of truth, freedom and love – they are essentially optimists, generally very laid back and relaxed. Without Bohemians, the world would be a complete bore. 

Maverick – Someone who refuses to play by the rules. He/she isn’t scared to cross the line of conformity, but their unorthodox tactics get results!

Team Captains

Simon McKendrey


Sarah Hurley

Our Team

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