Clifton Softball League Equality and Diversity Statement

Our Statement

Clifton Softball League does not tolerate discrimination either directly or indirectly, on any ground.

The standard rules for co-ed softball are that each team of ten people should have a 50:50 male/female split of players. However, we recognise that people who identify as non-binary are defined as neither male nor female and that trans people can identify anywhere along the gender spectrum. Therefore, we would like to emphasise that all players are welcome to play as their identified gender, and any teams that include non-binary players are excused from the 50:50 male/female split rule, provided that of the non-binary team members there is only ever at most +1 male or +1 female (example roster: 4 male, 5 female, 1 non-binary).

We’re a very mixed-ability league, so we don’t think any team can reasonably claim that these rules could cause any disadvantage to them. In writing this equality and diversity statement and setting out these clarifications to our rules, we hope that we are able to bring together an ever more diverse range of people to play the game of softball that we love!

March 2022

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