Softball – About and downloads

Rather than go into massive details about softball rules and regulations (they are on the pdf below), here are some of the more common questions answered…

Announcement: First League Game 24th April

The Rules

The rules that CSL plays by! Worth a read…

The Scoresheet

If you’re a captain, print a load off! If you’re not the captain, maybe print one off anyway…

Field Layout

Check out the way the field should look!

Banned Bat List

Don’t buy a bat on this list. They’re banned! If you own one, sorry you can’t use it.

BSF Approved Bats

This is a good example of the bats that you can use at CSL! It’s a bit old now though.

Equality and Diversity

Our Equality and Diversity statement for the league is viewable here.

Is softball basically the same as rounders?
Serious people will spit at this but, actually, the basics of softball are similar to rounders, played by many as kids at school i.e hit a ball with a bat and run. But softball is a much more structured game involving regulation bats, padded gloves, bases, a language of its own, and an entire rule book.
Is softball an easy game to learn to play?
Yes, absolutely. On joining a team there will be players who will be able to teach you the basics, which can take just a few minutes. But one of the best ways to learn is just to start playing and pick it up as you go along. Even though there can be many rules (just like any team sport) the vast majority apply for unusual situations and anyway, it’s normally the umpire’s job to sort them out! Indoor coaching is available January to April.
What is the banned bat list?
It’s a list of banned bats! They are banned because they are not approved for use. All bats must be marked with ASA approval. In simple terms they allow people to hit the ball too hard and fast. It’s a safety issue. There is a pdf to download below.
How many players are in a team?
Teams must have a minimum of 10 (best to have at least 16-20 people to call on). There are at least 5 girls to 5 boys. At any one time only 10 players may field in a 5:5 ratio, but more are allowed to bat.
Is softball expensive?
Softball is generally regarded as one of the less expensive participative team sports around. Most established teams already have their own kit so you wouldn’t need to buy an expensive bat or glove. Many players buy their own glove (prices range from £20-£90 or as little as £10 on eBay) and pay an annual subscription if they are going to join a team on a regular basis. Some teams have their own strip which may involve a purchase too. Actual playing costs e.g. tournaments, leagues etc. when split between all the players are nominal.
How do I join?
Go to the contact page and follow the instructions 🙂

Want to Join Clifton Softball League?

To find out more about the game or join a team, e-mail Smiffy and he will contact you:

Also join our Facebook group and give us a shout out there! Someone will get in touch!